Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy is an exciting and life-changing experience. We provides a full range of Antenatal Care Services including pre-pregnancy advice, routine checkups, treatment etc, and helps with a high-risk pregnancy, various obstetric sonographer, and fetal medicine counseling in need, medical blood tests during pregnancy, Psychologist support to anxious "Moms-To-Be" as well as those suffering from depression and “Mumma's Fitness Classes” by our well-experienced Physiotherapist and Dietician.

Birthing Suite:

Our birthing suite is a result of an in-depth thought process to deliver the safest experience and the best ambiance on the most important day of your life. It is well equipped with the most efficient medical facilities to monitor you and your baby carefully. To name a few are the multi-positioning motorized delivery bed that adjusts to accommodate various birthing positions, cordless fetal monitoring, central oxygen supply, and cardiac monitor. To have a positive distraction from labor pain, you can enjoy a movie or delivery demonstration videos. You can also customize the ambiance with a selection of your favorite music tracks to further heighten a sense of peace and calm.

Dad - The Birth Companion:

Dads are acutely aware that birth opens the door to their new life as a parent. Though it’s a joyful occasion, childbirth comes with immense stress. But when the mother is waiting for the fascinating moment, the presence of her loved one brings in much comfort and relief. We have taken care of this simple yet important aspect while designing our birthing suite.

Bubble Baby Spa:

Bathing your baby is an excellent time to bond, as your tiny new family member enjoys the sensation of warm water on his/her skin. Yet this common parenting ritual often comes with questions, and sometimes anxiety, about when and how to do it well. So we are here with the new concept of “Bubble Baby Spa” room, where our trained staff will give you a demonstration on an individual basis about baby bathing and gentle massage. We are sure this is going to be especially beneficial to you at home in this COVID 19 times when you are still not comfortable to allow a professional massager lady at your home.

The Milky Care:

Breastfeeding is warmth, nutrition, and love all rolled into one. Breastfeeding plays a crucial role in your baby’s health, growth, and development and has benefits for you. To successfully feed your baby, you need special counseling, support, and reassurance. The certified lactation consultant at our lactation management clinic will Provide you authentic information and will demonstrate breastfeeding techniques and will solve all your queries related to this greatest gift from you to your baby.