Our Hospital

Our main philosophy of treatment revolves around offering a holistic experience, so your stay in our hospital fosters a sense of hope, faith, joy, and peace. Each area of Naritva elevates a sense of positivity and freshness in your mind. Its equipped with modern structures to give patients & their relatives easy access to Staff and Doctors, making their stay a comfortable one. Safety is the first concern. Hence, we have taken care of central oxygen lines, the panic button alarm system in patient’s bathrooms, and the utmost fire safety.
  • Waiting Lounge: An immaculately designed waiting lounge and doctor consultation chamber are spacious and welcoming with generous sitting arrangements and arrangements for Tea-Coffee…Taking time out for a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea can help you open up, relax, and recharge. That’s why we are having special services to make your waiting time easier, relaxing and exciting in our waiting lounge.
  • We have Spacious and high-tech, Women-friendly Special and General rooms with a warm and welcoming ambiance and a dedicated team of staff to deliver you the greatest joy and privilege of life-the WOMENHOOD.
  • We have highly equipped, advanced and sterile Operation Theatre with the most advanced surgical setup, through which we offer you the fastest recovery, minimal post-operative discomfort and shortest hospital stay.
  • Designer & State of the Art Labour and Birthing Suite.
  • Well-Equipped NICU
  • An exclusive "Naritva" Women's Medical Studio offering services of Psychotherapies (GarbhSanskar, Relaxation Therapy, Meditation Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Integrative Counselling, Healing Therapy etc), Physiotherapy(Fitness Support, Pain Therapy, Excercise, Yoga, Massage Therapy etc) and Dietician, including the arrangements for celebration of memorable moments like child birth. We will also provide services like photo sessions at free of cost.
  • We also provide Vehicle Support (Transport facilities) without any additional charges. (For Pregnant Women)
  • Other Amenities : We have specifically designed an air-conditioned facilities available to comfortably accommodate patient beds, ensuring an optimal level of privacy by a partition.
  • Separate arrangements for stay for Patient’s Relatives
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Radiology Services