Teenagers Clinic

WHY SHOULD A TEENAGE GIRL REQUIRE ADOLESCENT CARE VISIT? As girls become women, their first visit to the adolescent Physician can be intimidating.

Our adolescent Physician works closely with adolescents to address any concerns or questions they might have and gently guides them through their first visit. Our team made up of adolescent Physician, Psychologist and Dietician works closely with each patient and family to provide this sub-speciality care in the best manner for a variety of conditions.

Some of the Special Conditions we Treat Include:
  • Menstrual issues like excessive bleeding, prolonged bleeding, delayed bleeding, Pain during periods etc
  • Anemia, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Nutritional Deficiencies, Vitamin deficiencies
  • Eating disorders, including over eating
  • Adjustment problems, Behavioral problems
  • Mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, attention deficit disorders