Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar basically relates to developing the mind and the personality of your child. Its literal meaning translates to education in the womb. This practice is very ancient and is also mentioned in some ancient scriptures and Vedas. Your child’s mind would start developing from the initial stage of pregnancy and it is hugely influenced by the thoughts that come to your mind. There are many things that can cleanse your mind and keep it calm along with reading religious books and chanting Gayatri Mantra.

We have personalized sessions on things that you should do in order to keep yourself happy. If you have a positive frame of mind, then your baby would also have the same. Taking up our Garbh Sanskar program along with having a healthy lifestyle and being stress-free would help your child to develop a great and positive personality.

There are basically 7 limbs of Garbh Sanskar program that can help a pregnant woman in many ways. As a would-be mother, you would become more tolerant, will gain a lot of patience and would also become more loving. The limbs of the program would include:

Garbh Prarthana:

The literal translation of this word is prayer in the womb. As mentioned above, it has been observed that the mental and the personality growth of a baby happens during the pregnancy period and hence it is important to create a positive vibe around him or her. Chanting prayers and mantras can be quite relieving for the mind and it would also keep the baby happy developing a positive personality.

Garbh Samvad:

This refers to communication with the baby in the womb which might sound weird but it is true. Your bond with your child would start as soon as you conceive and whatever you feel is conveyed to your baby. With some happy and good practices like listening to good music, some good visualization, etc. you and your baby can have a great bond if before he or she is born.

Garbh Sangeet:

Music can have a great effect on your baby. Along with mantras and chants, you can also listen to some good music. The baby starts hearing sound in the womb from the 7th month of the pregnancy and the first thing that they can hear is your heartbeat. That is why after birth, a crying baby can get calm when his or her mother brings them close to her heart.

  • The power of imagination which is also known as visualization.
  • Activities that would enhance brain development and games.
  • Management of the biological clock. It is the perfect method by which your body can adapt to changes that it is going through.
  • Maintaining diet and the overall lifestyle.